Another update...I'm playing with Evil Epitome (www.myspace.com/evilepitome)...In the process of recording leads to their demos which hopefully will be up in a few weeks....Then I'll get to play some shows again....Missed being onstage....On another topic I mentioned below, I'm happy to say myself and Adam (www.adamkole.com) are cool again...I appreciate hearing from you...That's all I wanted...Moving on....I finished building my 1st guitar and I'm in the middle of making my 2nd...This one is a copy of an Ibanez RG 7 String...That should be finished in a week or so....That's all there is to say right now.


Again...A shitload of stuff since my last post...Those of you close to me know I've left Florida for good and moved to Los Angeles...I grew up in Florida and I needed to get out...I needed a change and to get away from a few things...To all of the friends I've made over the years I love you guys and I miss you...I'll try my best to keep in touch with all of you...That leads me to another topic and that is HFL...I am no longer part of HFL and I'm looking forward to the future...I couldn't be happier either...Right now I'm taking the time I never had while in HFL to work on the solo album I've always wanted to do while I attened school at MI (for those who don't know that the Musicians Institute)...I'm here learning how to build and repair guitars which is something I've always wanted to do....A quick update here on the status of my solo album....I've got 6 songs ready to go....I wanna have at least 8-10 original songs on it....And probably a cover song on there too....Should be cool....Not like any of my past bands...Well...sort of....If anything I could have seen this stuff being on a MONTAG album had we not broken up...Come to think of it, I think a few of the riffs I used were from songs I'd started workin' on back in the MONTAG days...Honestly...I miss those days...Those guys were the best bandmates I've ever had and 2 guys I could call friends...Don't mean to ramble on....So yeah....I'm happy with how it's coming along...Speakin' of music....For those of you who ask me about my involvement with Scattered Light I'd like to make this clear....Matt asked me to be in the band when he decided to put it together and I said I'd do it to help him out because we've been friends for years and been through enough shitty experiences together where I like playin' in a band with him....I would have gotten more involved but I was always playing in another band waiting for them to get it together and play shows...After I decided to get outta Florida and move to L.A. I was "replaced"....Which is fine....But being replaced by a bedroom guitarist/bassist is kinda weak...Oh well....So for those of you who come to any of their shows in the future and wonder why I'm not playing after seeing my picture on that page for so long you know why now...I played on "Bleak" and I wish Matt the best.....Later.


Yet again a shiload of things has gone on since my last post on here...I guess that's the prive of being busy....Well....I'll bring you all up to speed.....Went to the NAMM show in January....met some cool people and make a few contacts....We did the "D3AD INSIDE TOUR" which was really just a handful of shows....was fun.....Then we did the Cyber Perversion Tour with Cynergy 67 which turned out to be more fun then I tought it would be....The guys in Cynergy 67 are allĀ  cool guys and definitely worth checking out...After that tour was done "PAP3R" was finally released through Toxic Shock Records...And then the big tour with Mushroomhead....Sadly during that tour Silent K left....I wish her well...Currently we're taking some time to write new music and hopefully we'll have a new album ready to go into the studio with in August....I recently hooked up with Marshall Amps and KORG.....Those of you who know me, know that getting an endorsement with Marshall is a HUGE deal for me....I've always used Marshall and I've wanted to be on their artist list since I was back in elementary school....So that was fucking amazing....You'll be seeing some new shit the next time I go out....Workin' out a few possibilites on some shows for August...hopefully those will happen....if they all do it'll be sick...can't really say much about them until everything is for real, but it'll be sick....Not much else to talk about now....Hope to bring you some new music within the next few months....Later.


Well a lot has gone down since my last post on this page....I'll bring you up to speed....Akki is no longer in the band...long story and I'm not gonna get into it here because it doesn't need to be discussed....We've got 2 keyboard players as of right now....Synn 6 and Shilah (Who's leaving us and being replaced by Silent K)....Another new member we've got is Evan on bass and I'm very proud to share the stage with such a young and talented musician....We recorded a new song called "The Art Of Suicide" that will be included on our remix album "PAP3R"....It was recorded by Jeremy Staska and it sounds fucking sick....If you've been to any of our shows in the past 4 months you've heard it live....We're goin' on two short runs on what we're calling the "D3AD INSIDE TOUR" ...Last night was the first official show on theĀ  "D3AD INSIDE TOUR"....What better way to start off a tour than with an ass whooping....lol....if you were "in the loop" last night you know what I mean....if not.....oh well.....anyways....The band played great considering the "sound issues" and we got a lot of compliments.....It was Shilahs last show with us which was kinda sad, but at the same time it's alright 'cause she'll still be around....I wont let her leave for good....hehe....I'm looking forward to the next Friday (the 28th) at XIT.....Should be a lot of fun....hopefully there aren't anymore "sound issues"....I'd hate to have that happen again....lol.....We'll be at NAMM next month and starting the last day of February we head out on the "Cyber Perversion Tour" with Cynergy 67....That should be a little over a month or so....I'll be posting more and more info as soon as I know the shows have been confirmed....it'll be a lot of fun and I hope to see you all out there (oh...and if you're on my side of the stage wear some ear plugs...it gets REALLY fucking loud....I wouldn't want you to lose your hearing...haha)....I really appreciate the positive feedback we've gotten at the last few shows....it's a nice "fuck you" to all the negative pricks out there who feel the need to trash us....either way they're still talkin' about us right ?.....That's all for now....Later.


Things are busy in the world of Human Factors Lab...We've taken the month off from doing shows to work on some new material. So we'll be back playing out in October....On a personal note...those of you out there that feel the need to post stupid ass comments on my website about me and past bands I've been associated with in the past, at least have the balls to say who you really are when doing so...There's nothing worse than a spineless fuck who talks shit from behind a mask...if you're gonna open your mouth and say something you believe needs to be said than you shouldn't have to hide...So Joe in Hollywood, FL...whoever the fuck you really are...if you have some sort of problem with me than say it to me...I make it known when I'm going out....Maybe then your balls might drop and you'll become a man.


The album I've been workin' on with MONTAG is almost complete....Trevor, J.J., and myself have finished recording all our parts (actually....I've got 2 songs that I need to record the acoustic guitar parts on...no big deal...it'll be yet another "one take masterpiece"), so all that's left now is bass and vocals...Then it'll be mixed and mastered, and we'll finally get to release it....if you've seen us live than you've heard the songs that will be on there...There will be a total of 10 songs on the album...we're currently workin' on some new material as well...I'm happy with the way things have turned out....everyone is really into what they're doing and it's somethin' that the people who have seen MONTAG's previous lineup will really be blown away by....The the level of playing on this record makes the previous recordings look like shit....I'm outta here for now...Later.


I've decided to bring back the "Diary" page....those of you who have known me for a long time and have been to the old site know that I used to have a diary on there, but I ended up taking it off...Since I don't feel like dealing with a Live Journal I decided to bring back my "Diary"...So I'll be posting whenever I've got something interesting to say.

-Damien Azrael

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